Benefits of Kung Fu
Shaolin Kung Fu Guan

    Practicing Chinese Martial Arts helps all aspects of the body, the physical, mental and spiritual. Chinese Martial arts is excellent for all ages and provides for men, women and children.

    Some of the benefits of studying at the Shaolin Kung Fu Guan are:

    • Self Defence
    • Improved health and fitness
    • Strength and toning of the body
    • Increased discipline and focus
    • Improves flexibility & coordination
    • Learning a new culture
    • Cleansing the body and increasing the Qi (Life Force)
    • A positive and family friendly environment
    • A deeper understanding of the body and the meridian system
    • A great way of being active and meeting new people
    • Excellent for Child development physically and socially
    • Builds confidence
    • Teaches children discipline
    • Learn a holistic art form
    • Study tours to China
    • Training with world renowned masters
    • Direct Lineage
    • Representatives of the Shaolin Temple
    • World Class Tuition
    • A respected and knowledgeable teacher