Shaolin Kung Fu Guan Lineage

The Shaolin Kung Fu Guan under the direction of its founder Sifu Ramesh Patel (Shi Xing Zhong/Shi Yan Jie), are privileged to have a strong and reputable lineage in Weijia (External) and Neijia (internal) styles of Chinese Martial Arts. The Shaolin Kung Fu Guan promotes the authentic teachings as taught by China’s most renowned masters and inheritors of styles in the last and the present century. The Shaolin Kung Fu Guan is honoured to be part of the illustrious lineage of these amazing styles and the masters that represent each one.

Lineage is important in Chinese martial arts both as an indicator of authenticity but also for the student to know where there art comes from and to respect our elders and ancestors for there dedication to the art.