Qi Gong
Shaolin Kung Fu Guan

Qi Gong (sometimes written "Chi Kung" or "Chee Kung"), is an invaluable component of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Over 60 million people in China practice Qi Gong every day, making it the most popular health exercise in the country.

The important features and aims of Chi Kung are relaxation, quietness, naturalness, unity of breath and mind, gradual development and practicing to the individual's state of health. Chi Kung is ideal for practitioners of other modalities, to facilitate relaxation and energy in clinics.

Qi Gong utilises the breath and the pathways or meridians found within the body. It is said that the mind controls the Qi and the Qi controls the blood. Qi Gong is practice that has existed for centuries and it is primarily used for improving health and well being.

Benefits of Qi Gong

The learning and regular practice of Chi Kung can:

  • Reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being through calming the mind and deepening the respiration,
  • Improve digestion, respiration, cardio-vascular and nervous systems,
  • Improve sleep quality and relieve fatigue,
  • Improve health and resistance to illness,
  • Strengthen the practitioner both physically and mentally.
A principle of qigong is that "the mind leads the Qi, and the Qi leads the blood". This means that one uses the mind to guide and enhance the flow of Qi through the meridians of the body.


Within Qi Gong there is no exact number of styles but there are reportedly over 3000 different styles. Qi Gong comes from many different areas and has developed throughout history. Many of the most famous styles of Qi Gong come from the Shaolin temple and the Wu Dang Mountain. Both Temple’s are famous for their Kung Fu (Wushu) skills also.

Some of the more famous forms of Qi Gong are:

  • Ba Duan Jin – 8 Silk Brocade
  • Yi Jin Jing – Muscle & Tendon Changing Classic
  • Xi Sui Jing – Bone Marrow washing
  • Dao Yin (Wild Goose) Qi Gong
  • Shi Ba Shou – 18 hands
  • Lohan Qi Gong
  • 5 Animals Qi Gong
  • Liu He Gong – 6 Harmonies