Kung Fu Shows & Performances
Shaolin Kung Fu Guan

The Shaolin Kung Fu Guan performance team are renowned for their traditional and exciting performances that are the benchmark for all performances in Australia. Our team consists of World, Oceania, Australian and Queensland Wushu Champions, coached by Sifu Ramesh a Shaolin Temple Disciple and the current Australian Wushu Team Head Coach. He is also a student of the ‘king of lions’ Sifu H. P. Siow and has learnt In Foshan the birthplace of Southern Lion Dance and home to one of China’s most famous martial artists and Lion Dance performers that ever lived, Wong Fei Hung.


    Traditionally, performances are done by Kung Fu practitioners. Chinese Lion and Dragon Dance have a long history intertwined with Kung Fu Schools for entertainment, martial training and at times rebellion activities. Performing has the following benefits:

  • Discipline
  • Focus
  • An increase in overall fitness
  • Develops Self Confidence
  • Team work
  • Friendship
  • Respect and Loyalty
  • Learn a new culture
  • Learn an ancient Chinese Art